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You find yourself in the Xenobiotic Retainment Facility, just outside the containment rooms for XRF - 113 & XRF - 114. These paranormal objects just might help you escape this creepy facility!

WASD to move

Mouse to look
E to interact

While watching Markiplier play the old school SCP containment breach game, we got inspired to create our own SCP style game. We quickly developed a couple of SCP style documents. After that, we decided to create the containment rooms for those objects. The idea is that IF we could pull off making a couple of containment rooms then theoretically it shouldn't be too hard to keep going, containment room by containment room, and then build a random level generator to stitch all the rooms together. This quick game demo is our ability to conquer the first two rooms and see how a project like this would tend to flesh out for future development.

Let us know if you enjoyed the experience and atmosphere. If you feel like this is something you'd like to see more of in the future, go ahead and support us by purchasing the downloadable version. Also let us know of any bugs, issues, or opinions in the comments!

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I am an absolute sucker for SCP- and SCP-like games, so no wonder I enjoyed this game a lot. It needs a lot of expansion and development, but other than that it lacks nothing. And please read below:

For full resolution, visit: https://i.redd.it/0zotqd645yy41.jpg 

I made an SCP for fun, but it is far from useable in an actual SCP article, as I wrote it mostly as an SCP that could work in a game. If you for some reason need a concept for anything SCP related that is not official, you are more than welcome to use this and alter it in any way you want. It has concept art and all. Anyway, here it is: http://scp-sandbox-3.wikidot.com/the-stalker-by-betahunter. Can't wait for your future updates :)


Wow! Thank you for the review and the video! This game was kind of just throwing something together real quick to see if we could pull it off. However we think that this could be a very fun project to keep developing in the future.

Your Keter Class SCP is very creative and inspirational. Honestly we wish we had the ability to immortalize it in 3D modeling without making it look derp. 

We have since moved forward with another project, but after that project, we may revisit this title and produce a little more. The door and the book were really easy to make since they didn't require animation... And considering the book was a free asset.