A cute rage platformer for Dream Arcade Archive Jam: https://itch.io/jam/dream-arcade-archive.
Arrow keys to move Left and Right
Z key to Jump

Coins are worth 20 Points
Gems are worth 200 Points
Power Ups are worth 50 Points
There are 20 Levels total. 10 in world 1, 5 in worlds 2 and 3.

The total points for each level are as follows:
Level    Points    Points Total
1-3        160        160
1-5        160        320
1-6        940        1260
1-7        740        2000
1-8        3900    5900
1-9        640        6540
1-10    800        7340
2-1        480        7820
2-2        1090    8910
2-3        680        9590
2-4        1920    11510
2-5        1480    12990
3-2        1090    14080
3-3        1520    15600
3-4        4080    19680
3-5        1520    21200

If you walk off a platform without jumping, you can still jump in the air after. This was a mistake, but through play testing we found out that it actually helps make the game a little easier so we left it in as a game mechanic and designed a couple obsticles with that feature in mind. The wallslide does not require you to press the direction toward the wall to keep sliding. It will do it on it's own, and pressing a direction does not remove you from the wall . If no directions are being pressed when jump is pressed, you will perform a dismount. You must be pressing left or right BEFORE jump to get the wall jump properly. Wallsliding replenishes your jumps.

There are some difficult parts, however the levels can be beaten.
Please leave a comment with at least the following information:
1. End Stats: Points, Time, and Deaths
2. What was your favorite level?

The downloadable version runs more smoothly than the web version.

If you enjoyed playing please consider supporting more development by purchasing the downloadable version of the game. If you'd like to support further development, you can download the Windows copy for a measly $2. I'd love to devote much more time to creating more games that inspire others one day to do the same. And don't forget to check out our other games as well.


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well this game is fun. i love the mechanic, its not like the other rage game. so this game is different,  love it. From indonesia 

I am a big fan of rage style platform games, I actually made one and published it on steam haha https://store.steampowered.com/app/1172410/Rage_Among_The_Stars/. The game feels good, and for the time allowed in the jam you got a ton done.  Music is really nice, I see you have combined the precision style with the more trial and error style presented in games like IWBTG.  I would be interested in seeing how this game progresses after some polishing, really cool stuff!

so after 172 deaths i can say this game is a blast to play. simple but perfect.  the only things i would change is.

1 a marker showing where checkpoints are.(because i would like to know that when i die i wont be back at the start of the level) , 

2 the penalty of death (that being about 1 second) be reused as in some levels you have to jump where spikes that don't kill you are. and there no distinction of which is which, and i think it slightly unfair to make so you have to die  to find the correct path and then penalise them for doing so .

3 the camera, the camera should move so that the player can see more space ahead of him than behind him. the camera system currently could be alter pretty easily to fix this.  instead of the player being outside an invisible box you parent an object to the player with an offset based on the direction hes facing something like  (camOffset.localPosition = (spriterenderer.flipX ? -1, 1)* offsetAmount ). and then just re-target the camera controller to that. if you keep the offset amount smaller than the distance from the player to the wall of the invisible box there should be no jerky movements and it would be a lot nicer in my humble opinion.

This was really fun! It was definitely hard.

1.  Score 15620. Time -1301. Deaths -36. Total 14283.

2. I really liked the purple levels cause they looked nice. But they were really hard. I get stuck on the last level jumping over the stupid spikes on top of the single pillars.

I'm gonna see if my friend can beat my record! :P

Also tell us where the secrets are cause I watched your youtube video trailer, but I only found the portal in the level where you drop down the whole time. This game is easier if I play with my usb controller. 

The level where I first found the fake spikes I didn't really understand until I realized that the fake spikes don't get blood on them. I was like how the hell am I supposed to get past these spikes! The wall jumping takes a little time to get used to. The wall hop really gets frustrating but I'm sure you put that in just to make us rage. Cause I did. I raged a couple times when I was trying to jump up a platform over some spikes and kept hopping off to my death...

Overall I really enjoyed this! Please make more!